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Film Review: Boudica: Queen of War (2023) - UK

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Boudica: Queen of War (2023) - UK


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, “Boudica: Queenie of War” is a British action drama that brings the legendary Celtic warrior, “Boudica”, to life. Despite budget constraints, the film impresses with convincing action sequences, showcasing Johnson's ability to effectively maximize resources. However, character development falls short, leaving the audience yearning for deeper connections. Nonetheless, the one-on-one fights and battle scenes are well-executed, capturing the intensity and power of Boudica's rebellion against the Romans.


Olga Kurylenko delivers a commendable performance as Boudica, embodying her strength and resilience. Although the script limits character depth, Kurylenko's dedication adds layers to the role. The film successfully creates an authentic atmosphere of Roman Britain through production design and costumes, immersing viewers in a war-torn world. The cinematography, particularly during battle sequences, elevates the film and engages the audience.


“Boudica: Queen of War” demonstrates glimpses of its potential but falls short due to underdeveloped characters. However, fans of historical action dramas will appreciate the film's action sequences and the commitment of the cast. Despite its flaws, the film showcases Jesse V. Johnson's talent and vision, proving that compelling stories can be created even with limited resources. “Boudica: Queen of War” serves as a reminder that filmmakers can deliver entertaining films regardless of budget constraints.


I rated it 6/10


Reviewed on Amazon Prime (USA)

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