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Film Review: Shanghai Noon (2000) & Shanghai Knights (2003) - USA

Andrew Chan Donnie Yen Fann Wong Jackie Chan Lucy Liu Owen Wilson Shanghai Knights Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon (2000) & Shanghai Knights (2003) - USA

Reviewed as part of Jackie Chan's 66th Birthday Celebration Series 

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Shanghai Noon (2000)


Back in 2000, when Jackie Chan is still capable of making actual funny movies. Chan’s pairing with Owen Wilson, not only launched a Hollywood career for his counterpart, but a hugely enjoyable action packed “east meet west” film about cowboys, imperial guards, royal family and American Indians. This exotic mix ends up working particularly well as Wilson’s comic timing matches with Chan’s slapstick action with almost seamless chemistry. Lucy Liu appears strong enough to be more than a flower vase role. All in all, this is easily one of Chan’s better efforts in Hollywood and possibly one of his most entertaining in the West. (Neo, 2017)


I rated it 8/10


Shanghai Knights (2003)


Shanghai Knights is one of those sequel that the fans actually wanted. The comic timing and chemistry between Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson is simply electrifying. The added bonus of this episode set in the good old town of London allows the film to play with a sense of time. Including Sherlock Holmes and other prominent characters of the respective era. We also get to see Donnie Yen weave his way through the fireworks and fight Chan. Singaporean actress Fann Wong gracefully embrace the action heroin role and Chan’s sister mantle. All in all, this is a fun and action filled ride that once you are on the journey you will most probably ignore the plot holes along the way. Enjoy while it last. (Neo, 2017)


I rated it 7/10



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