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The Leakers 洩密者們 (2018) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Charmaine Sheh Chrissie Chau Francis Ng Julian Cheung The Leakers

The Leakers 洩密者們 (2018) - Hong Kong



Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


Prolific director Herman Yau starts his 2018 with action investigative thriller in “The Leakers”. Largely filmed in Malaysia, the film is an interesting and though provoking that challenges the big pharmaceutical companies and comments on the wiki leaks in similar fashion. We get a similar trio cast from “Line Walker” with Julian Cheung, Francis Ng and Charmaine Sheh playing key roles. It goes to show how important an interesting and entertaining plot is as it’s light years ahead of their previous terrible effort in “Line Walker”.


Charmaine Sheh produces one of her best on-screen cinematic performance as the passionate journalist that defy the odds to stay true to the art and integrity of journalism. Julian Cheung plays a groom to be and Malaysia Inspector who risks all to find the cause of the Zika virus. Francis Ng is excellent as the talkative persona in the mode of Hong Kong cop about to divorce. The rest of the cast is excellent, veteran Kent Cheng is menacing as main villain, Chrissie Chau shines in a small role and so does Michelle Wai as the supportive wife of Julian Cheung. 


All in all, “The Leakers” works as a investigative thriller as it is ambitious in its plot, thinking and twists. It’s rare to see a Hong Kong film that doesn’t just play it safe and provide something different for the audience to think about. The wiki leaks style is fitting and the action scenes are extremely well staged and defined. The car chasing scenes remains a highlight. Sometimes, being ambitious is not enough, but this time, Herman Yau delivers once again in a highly efficient and effective manner. 


I rated it 8/10


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