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Sadako VS Kayako 貞子vs伽椰子 (2016) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) - Neo Film Shop

Sadako VS Kayako 貞子vs伽椰子 (2016) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)


Product Title: Sadako VS Kayako (2016) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Artist Name(s): Ando Masanobu (Actor) | Yamamoto Mizuki (Actor) | Tamashiro Tina (Actor)
Director: Shiraishi Koji
Release Date: 2016-12-13
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Country of Origin: Japan
Picture Format: NTSC 
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Sound Information: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Digital Surround
Disc Format(s): DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) 
Rating: IIB
Duration: 99 (mins)
Publisher: Intercontinental Video (HK)


To convert an old wedding video to DVD for her friend Natsumi, university student Yuri (Mizuki Yamamoto) buys a second hand video player with a mysterious tape in it. The legendary ghost Sadako appears short after the tape is played and curses Natsumi to death, Yuri will be the next victim! Meanwhile, after moving to her new home, high school student Suzuka (Tina Tamashiro) can feel something wrong with the house nearby, which is found out to be the lair of Kayako, Suzuka and her family are in danger! Tonight, psychic Keizo (Masanobu Ando) must destroy the two evil queens with one stroke….

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