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Temptation 유혹 (Yuhok) (2014) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (5 Discs) (English Subtitled) (SBS TV Drama) (Singapore Version)

Temptation 유혹 (Yuhok) (2014) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (5 Discs) (English Subtitled) (SBS TV Drama) (Singapore Version)


Temptation 유혹 (Yuhok) (2014) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (5 Discs) (English Subtitled) (SBS TV Drama) (Singapore Version)

DVD 📀 All Region 🌎 

Cast : Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Ji-woo, Lee Jung-jin, Park Ha-sun 
Director : Park Young-Soo
Language: Korean, Mandarin
Subtitles : English, Chinese
Disc Format : DVD9 (Episodes 1-20 end)
Sound System : Dolby Digital 2.0
System : NTSC
Distributor : Poh Kim Video PTE LTD


Cha Seok-hoon is a naive man who grew up a rural village in Gangwon Province. His intellect gets him into the country's top university despite his family's economic plight, and he takes on all sorts of part-time jobs, from quick services to construction work, in order to earn his tuition.

He then meets Na Hong-joo, a girl also from a poor family. Hong-joo is resigned to a miserable existence, until Seok-hoon brings happiness and hope into her life. They get married, and Hong-joo is a calm and understanding wife, always the first to sacrifice and make concessions. However, Seok-hoon finds himself plunged into massive debt due to a failed business venture with another partner.

Yoo Se-young is a hotel heiress, trained to take over her father's company from a young age. Called a "woman of iron," she is a workaholic and a headstrong leader, and has no interest in love or marriage. One of her family friends is rich playboy Kang Min-woo, who unsuccessfully tried to seduce her in the past. Min-woo has everything he could ever want, and approaches life with the philosophy that you should have a hundred different faces for a hundred different women. He got married only because it was a requirement for his inheritance.

While on a business trip to Hong Kong, Se-young meets Seok-hoon and Hong-joo, and for her amusement, she makes them a dangerous offer to test their marriage: In exchange for paying off Seok-hoon's debts so that he could avoid going to jail, she asks for three days with him.

Seok-hoon makes a crucial choice and takes the deal. But his strange relationship with Yoo Se-young jeopardizes his marriage. Upon their return to Korea, Seok-hoon and Hong-joo's marriage is unable to survive this crisis of trust, and they eventually divorce. Meanwhile, Se-young finds herself genuinely falling for Seok-hoon....



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