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Film Review: Acts of Violence (2018) - USA

Andrew Chan Acts of Violence

Acts of Violence (2018) - USA


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



Bad movies nowadays are usually associated with action VOD cameo specialist Bruce Willis. “Acts of Violence” is another one of those films where Willis appears, sleepwalk and collects his pay check in the process and adding zero value in the proceeding. This film is clearly a cardboard cut out type of action thriller that is neither thrilling or contains characters we want to care about. Without being disrespect to Willis, most of his scenes are shot within his police office location and his involvement forces scenes to be deliberated cutaway to the office, so we can see Willis smirking and clueless as to which film he is currently starring. 


Cole Hauser is really the lead of the film, but lacks any kind of presence to carry the film. Shawn Ashmore and Ashton Holmes does an okay job in support, but fail miserably in scenes that requires emotive acting. Melissa Bolona flairs the best as the kidnapped wife and convinces in the dire situation she is being enforced with. Willis shows an extremely tired face that clearly does not belong or wants to be involved. 


All in all, “Acts of Violence” lacks any originality and feels extremely contrived to the point that it felt rather pointless and lost. In a film about condemning women violence, it seems rather insensitive to show an extended strip tease that adds nothing to the film and story. The film ends up being a pile of cliche mess that is hardly worth watching. There are better films out there even on VOD.


I rated it 4/10Attachment.png

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