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Film Review: American Made (2017) - USA

Andrew Chan American Made Doug Liman Tom Cruise

American Made (2017) - USA

Review by Andrew Chan

One of the best pilot in the world is Tom "Top Gun" Cruise and being in the trade for so many years have not diminished his steady fast coolness. In one of the best film of the year thus far, Cruise managed to play real life CIA, top airline pilot turned drug smuggler, informant, White House related delivery man in the enthralling life of Barry Seal. Like "Catch Me If You Can", you just can't stop wanting Cruise to win and somewhat escape and succeed. It is that kind of magically ride and experience that we can only dream of happening in our own lives.

Tom Cruise is so at ease in the role that he made it come to life with a level of uncanny believability and fun to go with it. The way he deals with insane and ridiculously situations should be complimented. It's an inspired performance from a veteran especially after churning out duds in The Mummy and to name a few. Domhnall Gleeson is level headed as the CIA agent using Cruise to advance his own office career. 

All in all, American Made is an excellent film that defines the boundaries of the so called American dream. Cruise nailed the role with perfection and gives it a sufficient level of depth required. It's a great film with quality production and acting all round. These kind of films aren't easy to convince, but this one works like magic. With Tom Cruise in top form, this is a delightful film to watch.

I rated it 4.5/5

In cinemas now.

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