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Film Review: As It Burns 白晝如焚 (2024) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan

Film Review: As It Burns 白晝如焚 (2024) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

Director LEE Po Cheung's "As It Burns" aspires to kindle intrigue, but unfortunately, it fails to deliver on its promise, resulting in a disappointing cinematic experience. This Hong Kong film suffers from a multitude of flaws, including a lackluster script, subpar acting, and questionable directing choices.

The film's Achilles' heel lies in its script, which lacks cohesiveness and coherence. The narrative feels disjointed, leaving viewers disoriented and detached from the characters' journeys. The contrived dialogue fails to evoke genuine emotions or depth, leaving the potential for engagement unfulfilled.

The acting performances further contribute to the film's downfall. Despite the talent of Stephy Tang and Jasper Liu, their portrayals lack life and authenticity. Tang's delivery for both characters feels wooden, while Liu fails to convey the necessary complexity. The supporting cast, including Ray Lui and Gladys Li, offers little respite with forgettable performances that do little to salvage the film.


Director LEE Po Cheung's choices and execution also add to the film's shortcomings. The lack of a consistent tone and visual style creates a disjointed and muddled aesthetic. The uneven pacing results in a lack of tension and engagement, and the director's inability to guide the actors effectively is evident in their disjointed performances.

In conclusion, "As It Burns" fails to ignite lasting interest or captivate its audience. With a poorly crafted script, lackluster performances, and questionable directing choices, this Hong Kong film falls short of its potential. LEE Po Cheung's latest endeavor leaves viewers disappointed and offers little to remember. “As It Burns" is a dimly lit effort that struggles to make a lasting impression.


I rated it 3/10


Reviewed in Cinemas, Hong Kong

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