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Film Review: Deliverance 源生罪 (2022) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Deliverance 源生罪 (2022) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


"Deliverance" directed by Kelvin Shum, explores the enduring effects of trauma on a family. The film delves into the intricate dynamics of grief, memory, and sibling bonds. However, despite its promising premise, "Deliverance" falls short in several aspects, resulting in a flawed and predictable narrative that suffers from a slow-paced execution.

The story centers around Nicole (Summer Chan), who returns to Hong Kong after a 15-year absence, seeking closure and solace following her mother's death. As she reunites with her three brothers, the film delves into the fractured memories surrounding their mother's passing and the lingering trauma that continues to haunt them. Through hypnotic sessions led by her brother Joseph (Simon Yam), Nicole and her siblings are compelled to confront their painful past, embarking on a journey towards healing and reconciliation.

Unfortunately, one of the film's notable drawbacks lies in its predictable twist. From the onset, the narrative hints at the revelation awaiting the characters, leaving little room for surprise or genuine suspense. This predictability hampers the overall impact of the story, making it challenging for viewers to fully engage with the unfolding events.


Furthermore, "Deliverance" suffers from a slow pace that impedes its momentum. While a measured approach can enhance introspection and character development, in this case, it frequently renders the film sluggish and elongated. The deliberate pacing fails to maintain consistent engagement, leading to occasional moments of tedium.


Despite these shortcomings, the film benefits from commendable performances. Simon Yam delivers a solid portrayal as Joseph, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Summer Chan also shines, infusing her character with emotional depth and authenticity.


All in all, “Deliverance” ultimately falls short due to its predictable twist, slow pace, and overall lack of excitement. Despite these flaws, the film offers moments of emotional resonance and a thoughtful examination of familial trauma, making Deliverance" is a flawed yet watchable experience.


I rated it 6/10


Released on Blu Ray and DVD in Hong Kong

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