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Film Review: The Mighty Peking Man (猩猩王) (1977) - Hong Kong (Shawscope Volume 1) (Arrow Video)

Andrew Chan

Film Review: The Mighty Peking Man (猩猩王) (1977) - Hong Kong (Shawscope Volume 1) (Arrow Video)

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


“The Mighty Peking Man” is a 1977 giant monster film that takes viewers on a thrilling journey of mindless fun and nostalgia. Produced by Shaw Brothers Studio to ride the wave of popularity generated by the 1976 King Kong remake, this film, directed by Ho Meng-hua and starring Danny Lee and Evelyne Kraft, offers a delightful spectacle that transports audiences back to the golden age of creature features.

One of the film's standout features is its imaginative portrayal of Hong Kong as a giant monster's playground. As the Mighty Peking Man wreaks havoc upon the city, iconic landmarks are reduced to rubble, creating a visual spectacle that is both thrilling and nostalgic. The destruction of the Jardine House building stands out as a particularly memorable highlight, showcasing the film's creativity and adding to the overall excitement.

Although the film's special effects may appear dated by today's standards, they possess a charming quality that enhances the sense of nostalgia. The use of practical effects and miniatures gives the film a handmade aesthetic, adding to its whimsical atmosphere and appealing to fans of classic monster movies.

Furthermore, Evelyne Kraft's presence as the female lead adds an alluring touch to the chaos. While the film's portrayal of her character tends to objectify her physical attributes rather than exploring her personality, Kraft's performance brings a sense of elegance to the proceedings and adds depth to an otherwise straightforward plot.

All in all, “The Mighty Peking Man” delivers on its promise of mindless fun and an enjoyable trip down memory lane. With its playful depiction of Hong Kong's destruction, dated yet endearing effects, and the presence of Evelyne Kraft, this film will satisfy fans of the genre and those seeking a guilty pleasure. In the mood for a nostalgic adventure filled with action, adventure, and a touch of sensuality, and remembering Hong Kong in the 1970s was so vibrate already.


I rated it 7.5/10

Reviewed as part of Shawscope Volume 1 Limited Edition Blu Ray Set (Digitally restored in 2K format)

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