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Film Review: Hunter Killer (2018) - USA

Andrew Chan Gerard Butler Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer (2018) - USA


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



One of the best thing about Gerard Butler’s war actioner is the good old fashioned feel about the whole affair. Much in the reins of 90s Cold War style action affair, the film takes up an interesting twist in its decent portrayal of the Russian president and some of its generals. I enjoyed the reminisce of a bygone era of where this kind action flicks dominated the cinematic experience of most action fans. Director Donovan Marsh is clearly reflection of the old school style and created a Bond style villain and traitor for all to simply hate. Whether the film is politically correct or not, it takes a backseat as the real hero of the film remains working together for a common ground and somehow avoid a full blown warfare in difficult circumstances. 


Gerard Butler is always a strong presence in these kind of formulaic Hollywood action film and surprisingly leaves the real action for the submarines and the warships and also the soldiers on the ground. Instead, Butler barks instructions from his submarine interior right in the middle of Russian murky waters. Michael Nyqvist, in of one his final roles as the opposing Russian commander with good intentions gave us a reminder of his effortless acting and a level of sophisticated intrigue required from the role. Gary Oldman plays the US department minister of security is rather wasted in a limited role.


All in all, “Hunter Killer” is not likely to make any splash on the already cliche and crowded genre of action films, but it takes the action fanboy down the memory line of those ridiculous yet fun and entertaining 90s actioners. We used to make films like these for mass entertainment and sometimes, simplicity works and probably needed to fill that allocated void as well. Down the memory line for this one.


I rated it 7/10

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