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Film Review: Killer Meteors (風雨雙流星) (1976) - Hong Kong (Jackie Chan Collection Vol. 1) (Shout Factory!)

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Killer Meteors (風雨雙流星) (1976) - Hong Kong ( Jackie Chan Collection Vol. 1) (Shout Factory!)


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


“Killer Meteors” directed by Lo Wei, is a kung fu Hong Kong action film that showcases the talents of Jackie Chan in a key supporting role. Chan's energetic performance and distinctive edged eyebrows add intensity to the film, particularly in his clashes with the legendary lead actor, Jimmy Wang Yu. The fight sequences between the two martial arts stars are a highlight, displaying their skill and delivering impressive choreography.


However, the film falls short in certain aspects. Lo Wei's direction lacks the finesse seen in his other works, and the plot follows a predictable revenge storyline without offering anything new or exceptional. The pacing of the film is inconsistent, alternating between intense action and slower, less engaging scenes, which disrupts the narrative flow.


While Jackie Chan's presence and the thrilling fight sequences provide entertainment, the film fails to rise above its formulaic plot and suffers from uneven pacing. Fans of kung fu films and martial arts enthusiasts may find enjoyment in the action-packed moments, but others might find the experience underwhelming. Ultimately, “Killer Meteors” represents an early appearance by Jackie Chan and showcases his talents, but it lacks the depth and originality needed to make it truly memorable.


I rated it 5/10


Reviewed as part of (Disc 1) Jackie Chan Collection Vol. 1 (1976–1982) (Shout Factory!) (Blu Ray Set) in 2K restoration format

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