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Film Review: Members Only (2017) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Members Only Ng Kin-hung

Members Only (2017) - Hong Kong

Review by Andrew Chan

One of the biggest issue with this ponzi  finance scam driven soft core porn of a film is that the numbers crunching is actually more exciting than the PR girls on display or any of its tacky and out of focus sex scenes. Produced by the person behind Lan Kwai Fong film series, Ng Kin-hung, the film starts of promising providing an insight into to high society lifestyle and sex crazed indulgence. However, the film simply derailed from there and almost goes nowhere, save for a subplot about the cheating scums behind the Hong Kong financial system. 

Almost none of the actors or so called soft core actresses come out of this in any manner of career enhancement. Most of the faces are rather forgettable and it doesn't help when their acting is equally questionable. Those looking for something similar to the far superior "May We Chat", please look elsewhere. 

All in all, these kind of films are what actually turn Hong Kong film goers away from the cinemas. If you sell a product about sex, people expect nudity and well shot sensationalised sex scenes. The 90s provides a string of perfect examples and many starring the infamous Charlie Cho. It's a cheap shot to not deliver per subject matter and almost equally failing in terms of filmmaking as well. 

I rated it 2/5

In cinemas now.

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