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Film Review: Murder Mystery (2019) - USA

Andrew Chan Adam Sandlers Jennifer Aniston Murder Mystery Netflix

Murder Mystery (2019) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


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Adam Sandler have been an overall Netflix venture disappointment and with an underwhelming expectation of the latest Netflix original - “Murder Mystery”, it’s a refreshing surprise. Matching up with Jennifer Aniston, the duo plays off each other in the best of old fashioned Hollywood comedy style. It works because both Sandler and Aniston have excellent chemistry and they are never overly indulgent on their respective self. Directed by Kyle Newacheck and Anne Fletcher, the film plays with itself and the genre in Woody Allen’s old fashioned style as the leads are thrown into a situation during their belated honeymoon in Europe.


Adam Sandler manages to pull off the impossible, by bringing back his former charm and likeable self that made his 90s comedies a box office success. As a down and out NYPD cop going nowhere, failing his detective exams and in the middle of a mid-life crisis with his wife of 15 years. Jennifer Aniston makes a delightful presence filed with adequate on-screen charm that manages to plays off Sandler to wonderful effect. Luke Evans is terrific as the “James Bond” audition type of role as the future tycoon heir. Gemma Arterton is suitably graceful and sexy and while young Japanese star Shiori Kutsuna shines in a smaller role. Dany Boon simply steals the show as the journeyman French cop.



All in all, “Murder Mystery” plays well as an old fashioned Hollywood comedy/crime mystery intertwined within the plot line. What is enjoyable about the film is the manner in which Sandler and Aniston manages to sustain and engage with the audience. It’s rarity that simple moments work so well and in turn making this film one of the better Sandler production in recent years.


I rated it 7.5/10





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