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Film Review: One Small Visit (2022) (Short)

Andrew Chan One Small Visit

Film Review: One Small Visit (2022) (Short)

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

Location: Soho House Hong Kong

One of the most beautiful aspect of the independent short film written and directed by the talented Jo Chim is the human characters and story that resonance in the times that we currently live in. The lovely story is centred on an Indian family, based on a true story in their surprise encounter with the first man on the moon or “moon walkers” Neil Armstrong and his family. The film is well choreographed by the wonderful Guy Bertrand who allows plenty of colour and space into his lens. This provides an excitement compliment to Chim’s direction of allowing the actors to simply act and play out their own story.


The cast composed of the scene stealing Ellora Patnaik who plays the Indian grandmother who fears nothing and it is ultimate her character that stands out. The dripping of the ice cream provides a nice comedic touch that perfectly juxtapose with the more emotionally complex part of the film. Gabriella Sundar Singh is equally wonderful as the wife and Vick Krishna playing the husband brings the racial issue at the time to the table with ease. Indeed, the Armstrong family is gracefully depicted in the form of Marcia Bennett as the caring mother and Ralph Small bringing human emotions to the father role. Neil Armstrong played by Brett Donahue brings a certain charm and nicest to the character that defined the real Armstrong’s humble nature despite being the people’s hero. Rounding out the proceedings is the baby played by Rose Williamson-Philip who provides the film with backdrop as Neil’s carrying her in his arms reminds her of his own late daughter.


All in all, “One Small Visit” clocks at 30 minutes, but it feels very much like a complete full length picture as the film is beautifully captured on screen and accompanying it with a wonderful soundtrack by composer Manon Dave. The story is an inspiring one, showing what courage can create and how opportunities are for those that believes in them. It is also a film that resonate with our uncertain times, where crucial social and racial issues are addressed subtly and emotionally. With its impending in competition premiere in Los Angeles, the film will do well on the film festival circuit and one little hidden gem that needs to be watched. (Neo, June 2022)


I rated it 9/10


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