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Film Review: Love Wedding Repeat (2020) - UK / Italy

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Review: Love Wedding Repeat (2020) - UK / Italy

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Bad movies are simply put they are plain bad and first time writer turned director Dean Craig  takes the audience on the most awful cliche genre ride and even have the guts to repeat the audience process again in the Netflix release “Love Wedding Repeat”. There is absolute nothing new in this unnecessary remake of French romantic comedy “Plan de Table”. The real problems crystallised when you realise that the dialogue exchanges are so out of touch, the overlong “penis” jokes and the cheesy conversations that probably won’t even work for a low budget short film.


Sam Claflin takes on the lead role in this roulette wedding of a mess. Claflin tries hard to be likeable, but ends up as annoying and stupid as his character allows. Olivia Munn plays the love interest and their love story is more superficial than the wedding itself. Munn have good presence and clearly wants to be elsewhere. Eleanor Tomlinson plays the wedding bride and sister who have plenty of issues of her own. Other ensemble cast appears in paper thin roles including Joel Fry, Tim Kenyans Aisling Bea.


All in all, “Love Wedding Repeat” is really one big massive mess of a movie that tries hard to be funny, but ends up losing the audience by its second act. The Italian romantic setting and a decent cast of Claflin and Munn should have been a much more enjoyable and romantic experience. Unfortunately this is not to be and the audience ends up having to dial down their brain power to the same low level of intelligence in order to finish this underwhelming affair.


I rated it 5/10

Love Wedding Repeat is streaming on Netflix.


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