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Film Review: Ride On 龙马精神(2023) China 🇨🇳

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Ride On 龙马精神(2023) China 🇨🇳

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia 🇦🇺)


What made Jackie Chan’s latest action comedy drama works better than many of his failed attempts in the past decade, is the clear realisation of his age and what he can truly do. That limitation is being celebrated as the difficulties of a stuntman and add in the horse factor and daughter relationship, making “Ride On”, actually funny, heartfelt and tearjerking experience. That’s the beauty to appreciate in the film, but one must also separate Jackie Chan’s real life persona and is that is possible, the film is a pleasant experience for all long time fans.


Jackie Chan gets to play himself and a long time stuntman (in fact the film showcase classic stunts from his 80s Hong Kong films) and it is thought the realistic friendship shared with the horse that makes the film tick thru its heartfelt moments. Adding to the mix, Zhang Yimou latest muse Liu Haocun is terrific as the estranged daughter giving her father a chance for redemption. Martial fans will appreciate the presence of “Iron Monkey” Yu Rongguang, even if the duo does not get the chance to fights.


All in all, “Ride On” is easily Jackie Chan most relatable and emotionally attached movie for the past decade. These kind of films can easily go on the cheesy route, instead Chan turns in a strong dramatic performance whilst adding some of his usual trademark stunts to the fore. It helps that director Larry Yang is clearly a fan of Chan and the insertion of his past stunts as a collage footage adds to the credibility of the character. Preparing a few tissues will be a must.


I rated it 8.5/10

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