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Film Review: The Golden Holiday (국제수사) Gookjesoosa (2020) - South Korea

Andrew Chan Korean film Kwak Do-won The Golden Holiday

Film Review: The Golden Holiday (국제수사) Gookjesoosa (2020) - South Korea 🇰🇷

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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“The Golden Holiday”, written and directed by Kim Bong-Han is precisely what it’s movie title suggest, it’s a holiday action comedy. Those trying hard to go deeper than it really is, will have a hard time enjoying the film. It is one of those senseless and mindless action comedy that will either annoy the daylights out of you or you take the cheese and taste it for the ride.

The film is mainly set in Philippines which immediate takes you on a holiday mode and showing how dangerous the city of Manila really is, filled with gangsters, corrupted cops and a crowded and dirty prison. The result is a runaway kind of film that feels very much like a holiday with elements of action, heist and gore all buried within.


Kwak Do-won takes a departure from his villainous role to come up with a flawed yet down to earth, cop taking his family for a vacation in the face of losing his home due to loaning money a con-artist childhood friends. Kwak does extremely well in protrayung the conflicted character between money, friendship and family. We also get Kim Dae myung as the sidekick role and veteran Kim Sang ho appearing as the con-artist friend who ended up in prison for framed murder. Philippines actor Mon Confiado makes his Korean film debut and is right at home as Philippines police captain.


All in all, “Golden Holiday” is really a piece of care-free and mindless entertainment. Whilst there are moments of senseless fun and quality action with guns and stunts blazing, it remains an extremely empty film. By the end credits, the film feels like junk food, you know it is not good for you, but some parts of it taste good. Director Kim Bong-Han whose previous work include the acclaimed “Ordinary Person”, making this film a far cry from what he can do and achieve.


I rated it 6/10

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