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Film Review: The Saint (2017) - USA

Andrew Chan Adam Rayner Eliza Dushku The Saints

The Saint (2017) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

In terms of cinematic experience this is as flat and non-interesting as it gets. When the storyline is so tired, it's not difficult to imagine how The Saints, original a TV series pilot converted into a movie after falling to impress TV studio heads. Pegged as Sir Roger Moore final film appearance (also starred in the original film), the film suffers from lack of action, gadgets and thrilling moments that is supposed to make up of a spy thriller like The Saints. 

Adam Rayner simply lacks the charisma for the coolness in Simon Templar role and more importantly display a robotic chemistry with the actually interesting Eliza Dushku. Many action scenes are rushed and seems to appear to show that this is a spy thriller than anything else. Some films are so bad that it can still be funny, but this one fails the grade totally.

All in all, those looking for a mindless fun Netflix and chill night, please consider to look away. This film lacks energy, construct and logic to build a convincing spy thriller. In fact, the music is more loud and exciting than most of the situations. Read a book or go watch any spy thrillers instead. 

I rated it 1.5/5

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