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Film Review: The Tuxedo (2002) – USA

Andrew Chan Jackie Chan Jennifer Love Hewitt Martial Arts Film Tuxedo

Film Review: The Tuxedo (2002) – USA

Reviewed as part of Jackie Chan's 66th Birthday Celebration Series

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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I think we can all agree that Jackie Chan does not need CGI effects to enhance his Kung Fu skills. Whilst it is fun to see Chan attempt to play a taxi driver thrown into a James Bond situation and gaining magically superman-like kung fu skills after wearing a tuxedo. Add in the sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt as the sidekick, the premises seem fun enough for a 100 minute ride. However, the film drags and even becomes a tad boring which is a tough ask, given Chan is displaying his martial art prowess in superman fashion. The story is probably to blame as the gadgets seems to be the focus.

Chan is a physical comic actor and in many scenes it is so obvious CGI enhanced that makes his action seem far less enjoyable. The whole technological idea of using science, water and insect to poison the world is also rather bizarre and full of plot holes. Having said that this kind of film actually worked well in the reins of Johnny English, but we all know Mr. Bean cannot fight and with him playing the super spy, it all adds to the fun. Here, Chan have always played that kind of role and now with a suit, it doesn’t exactly light fireworks.


All in all, The Tuxedo looks good on paper and even in the effects department, but with Chan still at his semi-prime, a CGI enhanced Chan may not be in everyone’s best interest. (Neo, 2017)



I rated it 5/10


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