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Film Review: The Way of the Dragon (1972) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Bruce Lee Chuck Norris Nora Miao The Way of the Dragon

The Way of the Dragon (1972) - Hong Kong

The Way of the Dragon 猛龍過江 (1972) (Blu Ray) (4K Ultra-HD) (English Subtitled) (Remastered Edition) (Hong Kong Version)

Review by Andrew Chan

Bruce Lee showed the world what he is capable of in his first two films. The Way of the Dragon is filmed largely within local studio set pieces and also in the ancient backdrop of Rome. It is not Lee's best effort, but most will remember it for his directing debut. The 4K remastered is certainly a welcome manner to look at this film. It is especially clear for those that take special note of the famous fight at the Roman colosseum between Chuck Norris and Lee. For the current reviewer, it is the best possible way to view these kind of film as a living legacy. The light hearted tone that Lee adopts certainly makes this film better and the simple plot line allows for many scenes where Lee can certainly showcase his wide range of physical abilities. 

Lee is a martial artist setting foot in Rome to help out his uncle's friend (played by Nora Miao) who is having trouble with the Italian local triads over the Chinese restaurant in Rome. Most of the cast and crew from Lee's first two films appears as either waiters or cooks at the Chinese restaurant. Lee as always produced a charismatic performance and through his dialogue you can take in many of his own meaning of marital arts. 

Released in America as Return of the Dragon after the success of Enter the Dragon, the fight scenes are modern and the conflicts is interesting in a light hearted manner. That being said, it is by no means the same level of intensity or quality as Fist of Fury, but sits above his film film in The Big Boss. Lee made Enter the Dragon after this and also the unfinished Game of Death, it is almost easy to now say just how big of a star he was becoming. 

I rated it 4/5

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