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Film Review: Unhinged (2020) - USA

Andrew Chan Russell Crowe Unhinged

Film Review: Unhinged (2020) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


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Russell Crowe is back to his unhinged best in the stalker-thriller-gore fest in “Unhinged”. There are plenty of moments that the film manages to hook the audience onto the ride as we see the maniac that Crowe plays in outright mental and mad manner. It is the kind of film that will disturb some viewers concerned as the blood, murders and torture does not shy away from brutal realities. Director Derrick Borte carefully pace the film with three simple acts, the slight introduction to the Crowe’s violent character, the backdrop of Caren Pistorius going through the motions of a bad day and then the rest that follows are simply stalk and chase till climatic Hollywood thriller showdown.


Russell Crowe plays the madman at the centre of attention and takes in it with plenty of ease and presence. Some may question why Crowe at this stage of his career with nothing to prove would take on such a role, but he manages to hit all the right maniac marks. From his rugged and padded up stomach to his no-barrelled approach, Crowe is the perfect nemesis. Caren Pistorius on the other hand contrast with someone who is in the midst of divorce proceedings, losing her job and causing her son (played by Gabriel Bateman) to be late for school. The result is a massive road rage moment between Crowe and Pistorius that led to everything that began to happen.


All in all, “Unhinged” belongs to that typical classic Hollywood action gore thriller void that will always have an audience awaiting to be thrilled and entertain. There is nothing original about this story, but Director Borte never let the film bores itself as Crowe goes from menacing to almost invincibility. The brutal end   is probably deserving, but it is the journey that precedes it all that make it worthwhile. As far as genre films are concerned, this one is certainly serviceable.


I rated it 6.5/10


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