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Film Review: Peter Rabbit (2018) - United Kingdom

Andrew Chan Domhnall Gleeson Fayssal Bazzi James Corden

Peter Rabbit (2018) - UK

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (FCCA)

Along the lines of cute CGI animated animals like the adorable Chipmunks. Peter Rabbit is a lovely adaptation that never tries to do too much and remains rather grounded in its approach. Director Will Cluck attempts to balance love, hate, revenge, animal vs human nature and redemption all in a film that is at times comedic, emotive and plays like a family movie. The film starts off in the most memorable fashion about the inside story of how Peter Rabbit come about, namely the sad tale of how humans build a fence around their habitat and thus reducing their food supplies. When father rabbit goes to the neighbour human garden for food, they kill him instantly and make it into a rabbit pie for dinner. Like Peter Rabbit, the film never dwells too long on any particular topics and instead goes with the flow and take on the next challenge as it comes.

Rose Byrne is once again beautiful and lovely in her portrayal of an frustrated artist who befriends the rabbit family. Meanwhile, she is matched with newly joined neighbour Domhnall Gleeson who is both calculating about how everything in life should be structured like a Harold’s store. It is fun to see how Gleeson reacts to the many atrocity against the barrels of attacks staged by Peter Rabbit and his team of rabbits and the romance between Byrne and Gleeson is both comedic and joy to watch.

All in all, Peter Rabbit does not entirely succeed and that largely due to its understated delivery of most of the messages and material. Nothing flashy or particularly emotional happens in the film that why it couldn’t rise above its normal genre convention. Having said that, Peter Rabbit remains ever so cute and adorable. It is equally a harmless film that is both enjoyable to watch as it is to experience the interactions between humans and animals. 

I rated it 7/10

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