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Film Review: 77 Heartwarmings (感動她77次) (2021) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan 77 Heartwarmings Charlene Choi Pakho Chau

Film Review: 77 Heartwarmings (感動她77次) (2021) - Hong Kong

77 Heartwarmings (感動她77次) (2021) - Hong Kong Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia) Help me reach one review per day in 2021. 2021 Review count - 26/365 Support me on Patreon: Romantic comedies are always a draw and resonate with a global appeal and in the latest sequel to “77 Heartbreaks”, Director Herman Yau goes back to the basics in portraying a deeper story about family, values, life, death, love and forgiveness all interweaves within “77 Heartwarmings”. The film works to a degree as it remains grounded, never forces our protagonist (played superbly by the evergreen Charlene...

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