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Jeonju 2018 Review: Graduation (2018) - Korea

Andrew Chan Graduation Jeonju Film Festival Lee Tae-kyung

Jeonju 2018 Review: Graduation (2018) - Korea

Jeonju 2018 Review: Graduation (2018) Reviewed by Andrew Chan (FCCA)One of the joys of the annual Jeonju Film Fest is the discovery of new directing and acting talents and with Graduation, a film about the difficulty of cracking the Korean film industry and the coming of age process in survival, growing up and pursuing your dreams. I enjoyed watching this film by the 23 year old director Hui Ji-ye, who’s vision and story is easily beyond her years and combining the effortless natural acting of first time lead Lee Tae-kyung, makes the film an easy viewing yet providing those tense...

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