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Film Review: The Perfect Date (2019) - USA

Andrew Chan The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date (2019) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


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In the tune of Netflix produced rom-com comes the light hearted affair in “The Perfect Date”. There is nothing special here as the film stays well within defined boundaries with decent chemistry from the popular Noah Centineo and the up and rising Laura Marano. With all being considered, this is very much a likeable film that works for a carefree romantic on the couch. The message is clear and the romance is expected, so it’s really the duo interactions that keeps the audience interested.


Noah Centineo continues his Netflix form from his new found fame garnered in “To All the Boy I’ve Loved” and produces an adequate and highly likeable performance. Laura Marano, the rising star from Disney series fame flairs better of the two and along with the workable chemistry, the film manages to ticks onward. Camila Mendes is simply wasted in a nothing role, other than stealing a kiss or two with Centineo.


All in all, “The Perfect Date” is not a perfect movie, nor the kind of rom-com that stays with you. It’s perfectly adequate for a simple Netflix night out. For fans of the duo, there is a lot of cheer about, for others, there are many films that works better than this one. It’s a harmless affair from director Chris Nelson, if nothing else more.


I rated it 5/10


stars Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, Camila Mendes

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