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Film Review: 6 Underground (2019) - USA

Andrew Chan 6 Underground Ryan Reynolds

6 Underground (2019) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Michael Bay will always deliver exactly as you expect and “6 Underground” certainly delivers as per say in probably the most efficient and mindless manner out there. Teaming up with Netflix, the film is allowed the full rein of action set pieces and explosions to aid an ensemble of Corey Hawkins, Adria Arjona, Ben Hardy, Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo to complete their mission. What Bay wants is to create is a carbon copy of the latest Mission Impossible and the process showing why he is not fitted to direct that kind of film.


Ryan Reynolds headlines this film with plenty of style and flair as he plays his way into an action hero and mastermind behind everything that goes on in the movie. As with any ensemble film cast, it’s difficult to focus the characters, perhaps Dave Franco comes out the memorable character of the lot.


All in all, “6 Underground” is entertaining, brainless and very much in the rein of the typical “Michael Bay” arena. It is what you expect from the Hollywood king of action blockbusters and his venture into Netflix allowed him to further indulge in all the explosions, gunplay, car stunts as per expectation. There isn’t really much to complain about and there isn’t too much to rave about as well.


I rated it 6/10

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