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Film Review: 77 Heartwarmings (感動她77次) (2021) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan 77 Heartwarmings Charlene Choi Pakho Chau

77 Heartwarmings (感動她77) (2021) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Romantic comedies are always a draw and resonate with a global appeal and in the latest sequel to “77 Heartbreaks”, Director Herman Yau goes back to the basics in portraying a deeper story about family, values, life, death, love and forgiveness all interweaves within “77 Heartwarmings”. The film works to a degree as it remains grounded, never forces our protagonist (played superbly by the evergreen Charlene Choi) into making a decision as situations and happenings, influences her life and those around her. In the process, audience is given a small film that easily relates as we ponder upon our own decisions and love along the way.

Charlene Choi matured gracefully with age in a beautiful performance as a modern day working women and lawyer who is in a limbo of a situation between her past lover (played by Pakho Chau, reprising his role) and the enormously handsome Thai actor Mario Maurer. Kara Wai simply radiates the screen time as the mother receiving the news of her cancer and Lawrence Cheng is wonderful as Wai’s long lost love interest whose story remains central to the film more touching moments. Michelle Wai also does well in small yet memorable role.

All in all, “77 Heartwarmings” does not provide many of the answers that the first film poses, in fact it ends on the note where more questions are left unanswered than we began with. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as in life, we never know an answer to everything along the way as much as how we make of it. What makes the film so lovely to ensure are the realistic characters that Charlene Choi and Kara Wai in particular manages to convey and the mother and daughter carries the film so brilliantly that we sometimes forget that Pakho Chau is a love interest. Heart warming at times and another good romantic effort from Herman Yau.


I rated it 7.5/10


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