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Film Review: All's Well, End's Well 2020 (家有囍事2020) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan All's Well Christy Chau Dada Chan End's Well 2020 Julian Cheung Patrick Tam Raymond Wong

All's Well, End's Well 2020 家有囍事2020 (2020) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


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One of the most enjoyable aspect of Raymond Wong revisiting his most successful franchise, is the sheer mindless entertainment factor into the whole film experience. It is a formula that tried and true and served Wong extremely well over the past decades. In fact, the evergreen veteran takes in the directorial chair, producer hat and one of the acting leads in the latest “All's Well, End's Well 2020” edition. There are plenty of dated jokes, set pieces and overexposure of body parts, but ultimately Wong understands that the taste of audience and past successful works to a certain degree and for a lack a better word, manages to milk whatever life out of the franchise.


Julian Cheung Chi Lam gets to play the lead and as usual provides plenty of flair and coolness to the character. Louis Cheung is always wonderful with just the right the comic timing displayed throughout. Raymond Wong rounds out the three brothers and it is great to see that Wong haven’t lost his passion for lunar new year comedies. Dada Chan gives another assured and sexy performance showing good confidence in the love interest and sister role. Likewise, Chrissie Chau provides plenty of quality screen presence and plays off the co-stars with good chemistry. As usual the dependable and scene stealing over the top “bad guy” performance for Patrick Tam helps create the overall mood of the film.


All in all, “All's Well, End's Well 2020” is really more of the same, same name, same franchise and same comedic moments. We have all grew up on these kind of Lunar New Year comedies and in many ways, the formula feels tired, but yet we still do not mind seeing them. As long as they continue to bring in the box office draw, Wong will probably continue to come up with the 2021 edition. There will be critics on this ongoing series, but this kind of comedy is uniquely Hong Kong tradition like those Christmas Hallmark/Netflix movies, they serve a purpose and sometimes it’s simply holiday fun.


I rated it 6/10

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