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Film Review: Amar (2017) - Spain

Andrew Chan Amar Maria Pedraza Pol Monen

Amar (2017) - Spain

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

Amar is such a powerful character and first love relationship exploration that ultimately leaves us with breathtaking devotion and feelings of bonds of how two different lovers interacts and respond to its changing surrounding and the effects of change has on them. Director Esteban Crespo opens the film in the most striking manner, with the duo played excellently by Maria Pedraza and Pol Monen as the two have sex without any fear and passion that drills level of trust. 

Dangers of first love and overwhelming by things happening in the real world are all thematic moments that Crespo imposes on the young lovers. Pedraza is particularly wonderful in her depiction of the situations and surroundings that shaped her character and along with Monen display an indulging chemistry that is both believable and enjoyable. The sex scenes are never a visual display for the eyes, but rather adds layers to the story that Crespo is so desperately trying to tell.

All in all, Amar is a great Netflix addition and the story of young love and how the two goes about dealing with life and reality is brilliantly depicted. We have all been through these kinds of moment when life overwhelm us with decisions and shaping our characters. In this film, Crespo managed to show us a tough start to adulthood and the two leads more than ably shoulder that responsibility.

I rated it 4/5

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