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Film Review: My Egg Boy (2016) - Taiwan

Andrew Chan Ariel Lin My Egg Boy Rhydian Vaughan

My Egg Boy (2016) - Taiwan

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

This is a heart warming romance film wrapped around a time ticking story for female as they enter the age of child bearing. Ariel Lin is always lovely and in her pursue of love we see both desperation and frustration. Working as a frozen food promoter, she meets a serious chef played by Rhydian Vaughan who simply hates anything frozen. What this film manages to connect with the audience is not due to any kind of coherent story or interesting premise, but rather the manner how it never treat itself too seriously. 

Ariel Lin having play these kind of hopeless romantic roles for a good part of a decade is at home as a modern female in her thirties with her biological clock ticking just as she loses everyone close to her in life. Lin is easily likeable and have plenty of screen appeal as she roams through one obstacle thrown at her after another. The scene where she attempts to eat the frozen food prepared by her dying mother (played by Elaine Jin) is suitably emotive and her scenes with Vaughan somehow works. 

All in all, My Egg Boy is nothing special, but it works as an unambitious film about pursuing love and the well known clock ticking myth. It never tries to be serious and thus the light hearted manner makes the film better than it should ever be. Some of the eggs dreamy sequence maybe laughable, but there are some truths within it. It's breezy ride just do not take it too seriously. 

I rated it 3/5

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