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Film Review: Anyone But You 真的狠愛你 (2023) USA 🇺🇸

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Anyone But You 真的狠愛你 (2023) USA 🇺🇸


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia 🇦🇺)

Rom-com or romantic comedy is a long forgotten genre in Hollywood, so for “Anyone But You” to be come the sleeper box office hit would makes it a welcome return that fills the void the cinematic market. It is also important that both leads are sexy and likeable and radiates a certain energy and vibes that makes these kind of film, cheesy, over the top, yet romantic and entertaining at the same time. Directed by Will Gluck who made the fantastic “Easy A” that launched Emma Stone’s Hollywood stardom, knows its audience and how the film should play out.


Sydney Sweeney plays the young independent woman at loggerhead of her future in the law profession and juggles between the after effect of a stable long term relationship and that of a chance encounter with flamboyance stock broker played by Glen Powell. What makes the film ticks so smoothly for romantic comedies to work well, lies in the ultimate sparks between the duo and that simply kicks off from the moment they met in the coffee shop. The ensemble cast also compliments the proceeding and the Australian backdrop and Sydney picturesque brings the romance to full circle.


All in all, “Anything But You” works because it goes back to the basics of the genre. It also fills a cinematic void that used to be one of the most profitable genre in Hollywood. Safe for some stereotypical Australian jokes, such as having a bogan surfer, koala in the middle of hiking and the ease using of harbour rescue. The film remains entertaining as the duo creates a certain level of sparks and it never shy away from being sexy and sometimes that all that is required.


I rated it 7.5/10

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