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Film Review: Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - USA

Andrew Chan Blade Runner 2049 Harrison Ford Ryan Gosling

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

Deeply philosophical and will probably be further elevated with future repeated viewings, the sequel to the 1982's classic is most certainly epic. The tale of the human condition, the question of what makes us human are prominently questions raises smartly by the original Blade Runners. In this saga, we get some answers, but often shown the possibilities and choices as we need to dig deeper and deeper into our own existence to truly understands. To call this a great film will be an understatement as it leaves you yearning and thinking and all in a deep and meaningful profound manner. Denis Villeneuve is taking us on a visual and insightful journey. 

Ryan Gosling has come a long way since "Crazy Stupid Love" and recent "La La Land" Oscar fame. Here, he is a replicant and one that's certainly stands out with complex emotions hidden benefit. They are not suppose to show feelings or any sort of remorse, but Gosling channels a younger Harrison Ford, equally charismatic and full of on screen appeal. With the long running time and overtly focus on his character, Gosling does an impressive job in keeping the audience on their toes. Likewise, we get a reinvented Harrison Ford as the older Deckard, effective as he may be, the smaller billing a passing of baton of sorts. Ana de Armas who plays the CGI lover impresses as it further question what makes us more human than human. The scene where she combined with the replicant sex worker is both diverting and illuminating to watch. 

All in all, the first film redefined the sci-fi genre to amazing effect and created a classical status cult following. Blade Runner 2049 can almost be a standalone affair, equally fresh and provide a world for the audience to keep dreaming, questioning and exploring our true appreciation of humanity and what makes us essentially us. Films that makes us explore our surroundings and be more aware will also receive a higher status. This is one of those film that will undoubtedly be further understood through repeated viewings. As to whether it will stand as classical as the original, only time will tell. There is a lot to take in.

I rated it 5/5

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