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Film Review: Brother of the Year 大佬可以退貨嗎? (2018) - Thailand

Andrew Chan Brother of the Year

Brother of the Year 大佬可以退貨嗎? (2018) - Thailand


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



This is a heartwarming and winning comedy Thai film about the notion when sibling rivalries goes to the extreme circumstances. Already a huge commercial hit in Thailand, “Brother of the Year” will likely find Asian crowds similar to last year success in “Bad Genius”. What I enjoyed about this comedy is the fact that it goes away from the usual romantic comedy roots and focus on the sibling relationship dynamics. Director Witthaya Thongyooyong in essence manages to craft a film that contains a good balance of comedy, romance, love, family and emotions. That’s all the ingredients for a successful combination. 


Sunny Suwanmethanont stars as the lazy older brother who is simply a man-child and not ready to grow up and take responsibility of his actions. Shadowed by his almost perfect younger sister played wonderfully by debutant Urassaya Sperbund. The duo plays off each other with plenty of fire and creates the core basis for the  underlying emotional finale. Nichkhun plays the Japanese Thai mixed businessman and love interest that is caught in the midst of the sibling battle and further complicates the situation in his proposal to Sperbund and move to Japan. Anchuleeon Buagaew plays the other love interest and friend for the brother who always have Suwanmethanont’s best interest at heart.


All in all, “Brother of the Year” may not reach the success of “Bad Genius” nor it is on the same level in terms of quality and excitement, but it fits the bill and for what’s its worth, it is a highly enjoyable comedy. We get excellent performances and ultimately a heart warming story to round out the film. In terms of Thai comedy blockbuster, this one works well enough for now.  


I rated it 7.5/10

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