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Film Review: A Star is Born 星夢情深 (2018) - USA

Andrew Chan A Star is Born Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

A Star is Born 星夢情深 (2018) - USA


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



Before I launch into the review of this magnificent film, I will proclaim that the “Oscars race officially begins here!” Bradley Cooper directed, produced and starring vehicle is simply breathtakingly amazing, pin needle heartfelt and constantly heartbreaking in the most emotionally striking manner. From the get go, we are hooked and connected to the beautiful performance of a lifetime fro Lady Gaga and Cooper as we connect through the music and love. Based on a William A Wellman’s 1937 film of the same name, Cooper manages to dwell into the inner turmoil, the struggles, the difficulties to cope as well as the rise of a star all wrapped up within a genuinely touching love story that will break the coldest of audience. 


Bradley Cooper produces the performance of a lifetime as he captures the fading singer and star in a gradual and defining process. Such is the depth of the character on display that we feel and understand the situations that he is coping with, tough childhood, alcoholism, drugs and fading star power. It is a story we have all seen before, but somehow together with Lady Gaga, they pulled off the impossible in making it fresh and like hooked on drinking or drugs, we are too. In other words, the duo chemistry is so radiating and believable that it is simply toxic to endure. Gaga in particular makes the transition from waitress to stardom like her own personal story and it simply adds layers and tears. Sam Elliott is outstanding as Cooper’s older brother and like a rock, he provides the film with further arc and depth. Take a look at his eyes when Cooper tells him how he idolise him and not their father towards the end of the film for indication. 


All in all, “A Star is Born” is a perfect film and will most probably take a sweep of the Oscars and deservingly so too. There are so many high emotional points in the film that we can go on forever. Full credit to Cooper in pulling of a touching finale that can so easily be cliche and contrived. By the end of the film, we are inspired by the brutal journey and literally a star is born in the process. Watch this on the big screen and preferably with the best surround atmos sound system on offer for the perfect experience to a perfect movie. 


I rated it 10/10

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