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Film Review: Chicken and Duck Talk (1988) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Chicken and Duck Talk Michael Hui Ricky Hui Sylvia Chiang

Chicken and Duck Talk (1988) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

Chicken and Duck Talk remains a true Hong Kong cultural experience and a defining moment of change required during the east meets west period. What we have in question is the age old traditional dish of Chinese roast BBQ vs the modern era westernised fried frozen chicken. The premises of the film is what makes it flows and the story being top notched along with brilliant acting from Michael Hui, Ricky Hui and the entire ensemble. Remastered by Hui Films, this Blu Ray adds layers never seen before with clear and sharp image quality and pretty much putting the previous DVD versions to shame. This is Hong Kong 80s comedy at its best and one of Hui's most accomplished. 

Michael Hui headline the film as the stingy boss of a Chinese BBQ shop, is extremely effective in both comic timing and relevance. Ricky Hui is always important as the sidekick and victim of Michael's many jokes and remarks. The duo chemistry is once again on display in undeniable fashion. Sylvia Chiang is wonderful as Hui's supportive wife, despite her rich mother's seemingly disapproval. We get to see Lawrence Ng in another movie villain role as the Danny's Chicken boss. 

All in all, Chicken and Duck Talk defines the cross cultural 80s Hong Kong, needing to change, adapt and evolve. Making people laugh is not easy, but this film makes the audience feel as part of the picture and we laugh and enjoy the moments with the cast and situations. The comic moments are so memorable and never for a moment does the film seem dated. Now with all these years down the track, it is undoubtedly that Michael Hui is simply a comic genius and this film showcase it perfectly for all. Don't miss the HD remastered edition on Blu Ray!

I rated it 5/5

HD restored and remastered on Blu Ray by Hui Films at:


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