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Film Review: Don’t Call It Mystery - The Movies 勿說是推理 (2023) Japan 🇯🇵

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Don’t Call It Mystery - The Movies 勿说是推理 (2023) Japan 🇯🇵


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia 🇦🇺)


Adapted from the popular Japanese manga series and spin-off from the successful TV-drama of the same name, “Don’t Call it Mystery” takes the premises for the big screen debut. The result is an overlong divergent that feels like an extended episode of the mystery murder investigation series rather than an actual coherent movie. Director Hiroaki Matsuyama takes on the adaptation in a rather familiar way, the characters hardly have any introductions, as if assuming we have all already seen the manga and its TV-series.


The film follows the lead character college student played by Masaki Suda who is known for cracking crimes and mystery through simply by talking it out with people. The story begins with the lovely Nanoka Hara getting Suda involved in her own family inheritance battle. As it battle for the family fortune takes flight, the family history unfolds one by one, making them realise how external forces are changing the fate of the family members and history.


All in all, “Don’t Call it Mystery” biggest issue lies in its over 2 hours running time and it feels every bit of it as well. the film drags into a phrase where better editing and sharper dialogue would have easily made the film more efficient and watchable. The overall lead performances are adequate and the ensemble casting is fitting. The film suffers from poor pacing, editing and a storyline that is also rather predictable from the start. One for the manga and TV series fans only.


I rated it 6/10

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