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Film Review: Fly Me to the Moon 但願人長久 (2024) Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Fly Me to the Moon 但願人長久 (2024) Hong Kong 🇭🇰


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia 🇦🇺 )

Based on her own true story, director, writer and actress Sasha Chuk managed to do almost the impossible, by creating a very personal story into something that is relevant universally and equally heart felt from start to finish. The story follows a young immigrant family from Mainland China struggling to settle in Hong Kong as we witness different decades of this personal journey. This is another Hong Kong film to watch that is equally socially relevant with a personal touch at the same time.


The main protagonist is played by three actresses from different ages and time. From 1997, we get a young kid (played beautifully by Chloe Hui) to portray how much impact parents have on their children and how behaviours and reactions are crucial to their growth and character. Perhaps the best performance of the film goes to newcomer Yoyo Tse (deservingly won Best Newcomer at HK Film Awards) as she naturally navigates between a drug addict father that is constantly in and out of jail, an overworked mother, teenage problems, blond dye hair boys issues and everything that comes with living in Hong Kong in testing conditions. The final chapter sees Chuk playing herself and it provides a fitting finale to an excellent movie. Taiwanese actor Wu Kang-ren simply shines  in a difficult father role that should have garner more awards advocates. Meanwhile, Angela Yuen is always outstanding as the sister.


All in all, “Fly Me to the Moon” is a beautifully shot and crafted film that stays true to its personal story and the characters are built in a believable manner that brings to the relatable and connecting outcomes. First time director Chuk excels in bringing characters to life and in turn sharing a personal story that resonates not just to Hong Kong people or Mainland immigrants, but universally for all.


I rated it 8/10

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