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Film Review: G Storm G風暴 (2021) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan G Storm G風暴 Louis Koo

Film Review: G Storm G風暴 (2021) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

The 5th and final instalment of the long running ICAC/Police Corruption Buster crime action thriller finally comes to a equally ridiculous end. This is not before blowing up key Hong Kong landmarks including the space museum in an awful display of poor CGI and taking out our key protagonist in the process. There are no tears or emotions as we go through to the credits, but rather a heightened sense of relief that this undemanding and underwhelming film series is finally done and dusted and never more.

Director David Lam knows action better than conventional film making and in the absence of any logical scriptwriting on display, there are next to no reason why our beloved Louis Koo has to go through more shootouts and bombs than any actual 007. In fact, the only memorable line comes in the form of Julian Cheung Chi Lam makes the comment “Think you are 007?” However, that remains the least of our worries, as somehow a Chief Judge of Asia (played stoically by Jessica Hsuan) decides to risk it all for the people of Hong Kong to make a deadly speech when it could easily be done via a zoom call. Still, as regulars of the series will proclaim, there is nothing logical about this film.

Louis Koo puts in a tiring performance as he reprise his role as the ICAC Principal Investigator once again. There is nothing there both mentally and physically. Julian Cheung gets some air time, but the characters are never developed any further. Perhaps the best role goes to Louis Cheung and sadly they have to cut his screen time to rush through to the action packed finale. Dada Chan appears, but is wasted in a role that hides all her attributes. Bosco Wong, Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng seems to be acting in an episode of TVB series on their own.

All in all, “G Storm” is largely unnecessary, irrelevant, unrealistic and probably a film series that no one actually demanded a sequel let along a 5th film. Crime thrillers are meant to be Hong Kong’s strength to promote its qualities to the world of cinema, but instead we have G Storm” and the entire film series showcasing just how below mediocrity is good enough. That’s just not acceptable under any circumstances.

I rated it 4.5/10

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