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Film Review: I Love You, You’re Perfect 你咪理,我愛你! (2019) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Wong Cho Nam

I Love You, You’re Perfect 你咪理,我愛你!(2019) - Hong Kong


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



Musical films are hard to come by and it’s not just tough to make in Hong Kong, but globally. The last successful musical comes in the form of “La La Land” and the numerous attempts by Hong Kong cinema have been thus far subpar. Therefore it is a welcome presence from debutant director Wong Cho Nam to take the mantle to create an interesting musical lunar new year comedy about chapters of love. Despite some acts are better than others, the film remains refreshing and entertaining and enough laugh out loud moments to satisfy the usual Chinese New Year crowd.


We have many stars on display here, notably with many cameos from Wong’s friends at TVB. It is not a situation of one star standing out or leading the pack as this is very much an ensemble performance with a musical twist. Alex Fong, Ivana Wong, Teresa Mo, Wong Cho Nam, Eric Tsang, Kathy Yuen, Jennifer Yu, Sammi Cheng and Nina Paw are amongst the all-star cast to satisfy the usual CNY comedy formula audience. 


All in all, there is nothing ground breaking about Wong’s attempt to bring the actual musical play of the same name on the big screen. Whilst, it is uneven at times, there are enough interesting and fun moments to make the film worth watching. The opening cinema scene with a play on cliche Korean dramas sets the tone in a film where the ultimately aim is for everyone to have a good time like a big family gathering and party. It’s a tough task to rate it all holistically, as some acts are definitely better than others, but Wong shows that Hong Kong cinema need more diverse and creativity in making a musical and the intentions are good here. 


I rated it 7.5/10

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