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Film Review: Missbehavior 恭喜八婆 (2019) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Dada Chan Misbehavior Pang Ho Cheung

Missbehavior 恭喜八婆 (2019) - Hong Kong


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



Director Pang Ho Cheung haven’t made a film in two years and like all auteur they return with a soft opening before the main dish. “Missbehavior” is billed as a friendship comedy blended within the mix of Lunar Chinese New Year celebrations. For any case, this film is an entree with all the ingredients that made “Vulgaria” a commercial success, similar casting, but less important as the film breezes by in its 88 minutes light hearted yet entertaining running time. There are plenty to enjoy for the undemanding CNY audience and the usual cast of Pang’s friends mean that we are all having fun along the ride. 


Dada Chan gets shared headline billing alongside Isabel Chan and both actresses impresses with stern vulgarity and language with juxtaposing cleverage and comic timing. Like other lunar new year films, we get an ensemble cast and the chemistry works here like gel and hair. Internet sensations Ho De and YanKiDin gets quality screen time and shows how social media personality transitions to the big screen is fast becoming a norm in the local industry. Young Hong Kong talents uses different platforms to shine. Lam Suet chews scenery in a scene stealing cameo, meanwhile Gigi Leung, June Lam and Chui Tin Yau provides plenty of laughters and joy. Hajjn Tab is surprisingly entertaining as the gay and SM loving fat boy turned Hulk. Regular cast, Miriam Yeung and Susan Shaw appears in short and effective cameos. 


All in all, “Missbehavior” continues the trend of Pang’s filmography if making good and entertaining cinema, even if it’s a lesser film. There is plenty of gags and laughs along the ride as we experience thru this light hearted entree that is both short and effective for what’s its worth. With good and fun performances and a cast that clearly shows friendship, it’s easy to have fun even it’s clearly a minor Pang Ho Cheung’s experience. 


I rated it 7.5/10

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