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Film Review: Iceman 2: The Time Traveler 冰封侠: 时空行者 (2018) - China

Andrew Chan Donnie Yen

Iceman 2: The Time Traveler 冰封侠: 时空行者 (2018) - China


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia) 



Not entirely sure what Donnie Yen was thinking when he made the sequel to an already terrible film - Iceman 3D. The sequel was filmed in 2014 and released suddenly 4 years later is simply bad filmmaking, terrible special effects, non existent acting and an atrocious and incoherent plot to boot. It is so bad that it is not even funny and when a village of people dies, there is zero emotions and when Donnie tries to act, it is simply the worst moment of our lives. How can a movie with a decent budget and co-starring Eva Huang, Simon Yam, Wang Bao Qiang and Yasuaki Kurata become so bad that is beyond the wildest imagination. 


Donnie Yen shows that he is not invincible to the powers of terrible movies. Yen provides zero chemistry and presence as he sleepwalk through the film and collects the pay-check without any form of dignity in tact. Simon Yam plays the main villain, but fails to ignite any passion in the process. Eva Huang appears as love interest in a role that all, but cemented her fading star power. 


All in all, this is a terrible film under any sort of circumstances, especially when the original 80s classic stars Yuen Biao and somehow the director Raymond Yip, filmmakers and stars manage to destroy all that is good and produce an already bad first film and an unforgivable sequel. If Andy Lau ended up apologising for “The Switch”, then Donnie Yen should probably refund all those fans who watch this because of his involvement. I have seen many bad movies in my career as a film critic and this one stand heads and shoulders amongst the worst. 


I rated it 1/10


Cast: Donnie Yen 甄子丹, Simon Yam 任达华, Eva Huang 黄圣依, Wang Bao Qiang 王宝强, Yasuaki Kurata 仓田保昭陈静

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