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Film Review: Integrity 廉政風雲 煙幕 (2019) - Hong Kong / China

Andrew Chan Integrity Karena Lam Lau Ching Wan Nick Cheung

Integrity 廉政風雲 煙幕 (2019) - Hong Kong / China


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia) 

Director Alan Mak and frequent corroborator Felix Chong decided to kick off the Chinese New Year with the first instalment of a trilogy of ICAC films in “Integrity”. Pitting two best actors in the form of Lau Ching Wan and Nick Cheung as Chief ICAC and key whistleblower respectively to the high profile fraud and bribery case. The audience gets two excellent performance plus a strong turn and welcome return to the big screen to screen goddess Karena Lam as Lau’s estranged wife and ICAC Negotiator. In fact, the film builds up a steady tension and suspense for a good 3/4 only to fail at the final quarter of the film. It is one of those experience where the finale does not adds up to the set up. 


Lau Ching Wan is brilliant once again as the ICAC chief inspector that is willing to go out of his ways to get the job done. Lau shows great presence and is especially wonderful in his scenes with Karena Lam. Lam gets third billing in a juicy role that allows her to show why she was once one of Hong Kong best actresses. Her interactions with both Lau and Nick Cheung shows she more than holds her own with the crown duo. Nick Cheung continues his good form as the mysterious whistleblower and informant and with his life in constant danger, Cheung manages to ease the tension as the audience ponder his next move. Younger Supporting acts also does well, namely Kathy Yuen & Carlos Chan as more junior ICAC members and Anthony Ho in particular impresses with some perfect comic timing as the determined officer. Alex Fong, Hugo Ng and Anita Yuen also made effective cameos. 


All in all, “Integrity” could have been a great film, instead it fails to live up to the great expectations that it manages to build so well for a good amount of the film. The finale and twist is uninspiring and end up rather blend and combining with the China self-censorship ending, the audience felt let down. Still, for director Alan Mak, the cast does an impressive job in maintaining the tension and although not quite a Chinese New Year kind of film, it is a much needed genre film for the Hong Kong audience. 


I rated it 7.5/10


  • 導演
  • 麥兆輝
  • 主演
  • 劉青雲 、張家輝、林嘉欣、陳家樂、湯怡、吳岱融、常倩、袁詠儀、方中信、吳浩康, 何遠東

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