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Film Review: Kissing Booth 2 (2020) - USA (Netflix)

Andrew Chan Joey King Kissing Booth 2 Netflix Original

Kissing Booth 2 (2020) - USA (Netflix)

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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The original “Kissing Booth” was one of the most watched Netflix original films in 2018. Therefore when the sequel comes around in 2020, there was no denying its attraction. The real life pairing of Joey King and Jacob Elordi actually dated after meeting on-set and then broken up prior to filming for the sequel. So it’s an extra degree of awkwardness when you envision the two ex lovers filming romantic scenes and rekindling romance. Putting that aside, the film follows on from the first time, with the usual complications of long distance relationships and college and high school gap as well as the usual flings from either side. “Kissing Booth 2” isn’t exactly bad, but it is also entirely unnecessary as nothing much is said that wasn’t already covered in the first film.


Joey King remains the core of the film series and is once again extremely likeable as the senior high schooler facing young adults issues both on the friendship, lovers and money. King manages to have good chemistry with Joel Courtney as reprising his role as the best friend. Jacob Elordi plays the boyfriend half way across America and in turn suffering from a lack of screen time to carry in the duo chemstry. Meganne Young plays Jacob’s sweet yet jealous love interest and Taylor Zakhar Perez rounds out the new love interest mainly to enhance the plot line.


All in all, “Kissing Booth 2” is highly unnecessary sequel that will likely gain no new fans apart from the original film. There is nothing fresh and more importantly, the messages are the same.  The King and Elordi’s hyped love relationship appears tired. For those who enjoyed the original characters and seeing how they grow up will probably enjoy the film the most. In terms of comedy, the film manages to entertain for what it is worth, even if it is not entirely successful.


I rated it 5.5/10


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