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Film Review: Legacy of Lies (2020) - Netherlands, UK, Poland, Ukraine, USA

Andrew Chan Hollywood Legacy of Lies Scott Adkins

Legacy of Lies (2020) - Netherlands, UK, Poland, Ukraine, USA


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Scott Adkins has become a staple in the DTV martial arts action genre and for every film he makes, there is no denying the notion of effort being put into the fights, the acting and everything that the martial arts actor does. In “Legacy of Lies”, Director Adrian Bol delivers the typical spy action thriller that the audience have seen in bigger productions and even alluding to deeper corruptions within the ranks of CIA, Russian government and mafias. The story is never the key in these type of films and whilst the action on display are less full-on than usual corroborator Jesse Johnson, the film is adequately paced and made use of its small budget for good effect.


Scott Adkins stars as the former CIA agent who lost his wife many years ago, before having to raise his daughter singlehandedly (played by child actor Honor Kneafsey). Adkins lacks crucial chemistry with Kneafsey as it is central to the story and for emotions fly high. In fact the weakest link of the film is due to the lack chemistry and firepower between Adkins and his female counterparts. Yuliia Sobol plays the potential love interest and bold journalist looking to expose all that is wrong in this double crossing blurred world. Meanwhile, Martin McDougall seems to be sleep walking in the crucial role as CIA lead.


All in all, “Legacy of Lies” is really one of those film that tries hard to be complicated, but never reaches those lofty heights of a genuine spy thriller. There is really nothing unpredictable about the film and without the presence of the ever dependable Adkins, everything will fall apart rather quickly. Still, this is a decent DTV action film that as always stand hands any shoulder above anything that Steven Seagal has been making for the past decades. It’s a polish production with a sequel-like open ending in the midst of making.


I rated it 5.5/10


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