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Film Review: Looking Glass (2018) - USA

Andrew Chan Looking Glass Nicolas Cage

Looking Glass (2018) - USA


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



Lately, Nicolas Cage is making a lot of movies, low budget and mostly on VOD. Not necessary a bad thing for his fans and mostly observers that all feel that Cage may well shine once again. In this film, Cage does a decent job as peeping tom slash creepy motel owner with a troubled wife played quite convincing by TV actress Robin Tunney. What we get is a slow burner thriller with plenty of mood and setting that build up to an in satisfying finale. In other words, it all adds up to zero. At least Cage was trying to restrain himself from being over the top which adds to the thrilling factor. It is by no means an A list experience, but it serves the B-movie market well and it helps with veteran director Tim Hunter at the helm to give it a rather moody look and feel. 


Setting the film mostly within a isolated motel in a desert location is smart yet cliche choice. Nicolas Cage shows once again his ability to carry films and despite adding in subpar movies and budget, he still puts in a worthy performance, unlike other counterparts De Niro and Al Pacino rent for hire roles. Robin Tunney shows a rounded character with enough mental instability as the wife who lost their beloved child. Other characters (Marc Blucas and Ernie Lively) overacts to allow Cage to be the main star.


All in all, “Looking Glass” feel like 80s and 90s film noir style thriller and Cage elevate it to watchable standards. It is one of those film that used the slow burn technique to build up the creepy and even dwell on deeper issues on fetish, sexuality and inner human conditions. However, the film ends in a rather timid fashion as if the cast and crew decides to wrap up the filming at an ad hoc manner. Still, we get decent performances from Cage and Tunney and director Tim Hunter makes the film look and feel better than it should be.


I rated it 6.5/10




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