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Film Review: My Prince Edward 金都 (2019) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan My Prince Edward Norris Wong Stephy Tang

My Prince Edward 金都 (2019) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia) 

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What makes “My Prince Edward” different to the numerous romantic comedy that Stephy Tang used to play, is the realistic element and the gender commentary that makes debut director and writer Norris Wong, a film to watch. This is not your typical happy go lucky film, as it explore a personal story as well as social concerns and norms about gender and society perception of marriage and expectations. There is a lingering distance throughout the film as Stephy Tang impresses once again as one of the best actress of her generation in Hong Kong.


Stephy Tang has shown her ability to produce a commendable appearance in face of adversity. Tang produced her career finest performance as the indecisive character whose constant struggling between bottling up her feelings and emotions rather than face them directly. Coupled with Pak Hong chu as the immature and overtly jealous to be husband, the couple show plenty of domestic troubles, relationships and mindset differences. There are moments in the film where it is clear that Tang remains in the relationship despite the toxic environment. Living within a crowded location above the wedding shopping centre located in Prince Edward. Paw Hee Ching is her usual best as the nagging mother who spoils her son. Perhaps the best part goes to Mainlander Jin Kaijie, who gets to play the Tang’s fake husband with plenty of free-spirited and ended up being Tang’s own internal catalyst to her change in life direction. Kaki Sham brings some good comic touches to the assistant role.


All in all, “My Prince Edward” remains the prime example of how to produce a personal story that remains heart felt and relevant to social concerns. Director Norris Wong manages to frame the bustling Prince Edward location with glorified effect. It is more beautifully captured locally than it actually is. There is no fairytale in this local drama about a tragic love relationship that intends to go nowhere. A couple who are not fit for each other, almost got married for the sake of social norms and acceptance. Wong cleverly gives a brilliant ending to the film without giving away too much and in turn providing the opportunity for Stephy Tang to once again excel.


I rated it 8/10


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