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Film Review: Tai Chi Master (1993) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Chin Siu Ho Jet Li Michelle Yeoh Tai Chi Master

Tai Chi Master (1993) - Hong Kong

Tai Chi Master (1993) (Blu Ray) (Dragon Dynasty Edition) (US Edition)

Review by Andrew Chan

Viewing on the best possible version available, the Dragon Dynasty Blu Ray, it plays well enough on my TV screen without being perfect with the typical flaws find in many 90s Asian cinema releases. Still, Tai Chi Master is an amazing exhibition for both Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh to show their highlight martial arts reels. It helps when the director in chair is master Yuen Woo Ping and costarring Chin Siu Ho as Li's best buddy turned foe. This is an all time classic and the fight sequences are simply impeccable to witness and links well with the underdog story along the way. Even if the wire-fu at times can be seen quite clearly.

Jet Li is always wonderful and being at his martial arts prime in the 90s, he managed to combine graceful movements with enhanced wushu and Tai Chi abilities in balance. His fights with Chin Siu Ho are easily the highlight and combine these significant moments with Yeoh. This is easily an entertaining film that is both well meaning with excellent fight scenes.

All in all, Tai Chi Master remains on the 90s list of many Kung Fu fans and it is easy to understand why. The chemistry between our heroes are fun and joyful to watch, while Li and Chin are at their respective best. They will go on even one step further in redefining martial arts with Fist of Legend in 1994. This is the era where we are spoiled with so many great martial arts films and this one is of no exception.

I rated it 4.5/5

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