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Film Review: Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul 失衡凶間之罪與殺 (2023) Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Andrew Chan

Film Review: Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul 失衡凶間之罪與殺 (2023) Hong Kong 🇭🇰


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia 🇦🇺)

Rapunzel (Short) (30 minutes)

Directed by Frank Hui


The first horror short film is directed by “Trivisa” Frank Hui and stars Wong You Nam and Michelle Wai. The film kicks off with a splash with hairdresser Wong, killing his first victim and capturing the hair mould in the process. Such striking imagery sets the tone for aspiring actress played by Michelle Wai to become the next victim. Wong dresses like a gentlemen wolf and allures his victims thru providing the “perfect” haircut. Wai performs as the victim that fights back and the finale scenes is both intense and gruesome to endure.


I rated it 7/10


Cheshire Cat (Short) (30 minutes)

Directed by Daniel Chan


The second short horror film is directed by “We are Legends” Daniel Chan starring the talented Cecilia Choi, Kevin Chu and Tony Wu as cat lovers/abusers. It is the kind film that any cat lovers may not be able to endure through the duration. The film is brutally shot and immensely unforgiving to both humans and animals. Every acts leads to the damning finale and raises a number of questions about humanity and animal rights. Choi continues her good form and Chu and Wu impresses in their roles.


I rated it 6.5/10


Tooth Fairy (Short) (30 minutes)

Directed by Doris Wong


The third and final short remains the best one out of the lot. Directed by Doris Wong (“New Turn”), starting the much missed Karena Lam, Chu Pak Hong and the talented Terrance Lau. Lau takes center stage as the chef with mental illness. Lau performed a similar role in the past and excels here convincingly and his chemistry with love interest nurse played by wonderful Karena Lam. Chu plays the sneezy doctor who hit on Lam. This film offers the most depth in its characters and explore notions of mental illness. The final twist is also welcomed.


I rated it 7.5/10

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