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Film Review: The Driver (2019) - USA / Thailand

Andrew Chan Mark Dacascos Thailand Films The Driver

The Driver (2019) - USA / Thailand

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Hot on the heels of Mark Dacascos rise to fame in “John Wick 3”, came a low budget zombie action drama “The Driver”, starring Dacascos, his real life wife (played by Julie Condra and his daughter (played by Noelani Dacascos). Unfortunately for his fans, there is very little actual martial arts on display and adding to the fact that it is directed by Wych Kaosayananda whose resume needs no introduction (“Ballistic: Exls Vs Sever”) that caused him to disappear from the film scene for a good decade. Coming in with ultra low expectations is a must and even so, some of the supposedly dramatic scenes are so cheesy that it is really more of a chore to get through.


Mark Dacascos tried hard to make the film work and if not for his presence, I would have literally turned off the player half way. The problem in this film is really the ridiculous plot line and adding to the fact that the zombies in the movies are never really frightening and even less so as a threat. Bringing his wife and daughter along for the ride, seems to mean more of a holiday for the Dacascos’s family as the movie only comes to any sort of redemption when we are introduced to two heroine (played by Milena Gorum and Alice Tantayanon) who both reprises their roles in sequels and prequels.


All in all, “The Driver” is actually the third film of the zombie series, but it is also a series that you will most likely decide to give it a skip. Mark Dacascos flairs far better in “One Night in Bangkok” also directed by Wych and for better or for worst, the film tries to merge a number of genres into a low budget affair that brothers thrills or entertain. That’s a shame as after seeing Dacascos relaunch his career in “John Wick 3”, we just expected a little bit more.


I rated it 3/10

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